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Day 4: Defining Your Company Culture

Welcome to Day 4 of the 5-Day Business Makeover Challenge!


Yesterday we saw how a strong brand defines who your customers will be and what you are giving them. Today we examine the culture of your business.


Building Company Culture

Every business has a culture, and no two are alike. Even the smallest business has one. A healthy culture retains employees, while toxic cultures drive employees away.


The question is whether your business culture is one you’ve intentionally created or one that has simply evolved on its own. Don’t let today go by without examining the robustness of your business culture.


You may remember that on Day 1 we said: “Your values are on display in your mission.” Those values undergird the culture too and are what employees should experience day-to-day.


It’s essential for each individual to feel cared for and be recognized for the unique place they fill. “We’re in this together” should permeate the culture.


If you’re going to achieve your mission along with remaining true to your brand, you need to maintain a culture that causes people to trust you and want to work with you.

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Building a Culture That Resonates

What is the current culture of your business?


  • Inclusive or isolated?

  • Peaceful or harried?

  • Warm/friendly, mediocre/tepid, or at worst - aloof/hostile?

  • Fun when appropriate, or typically grave?


What are the current culture’s strengths? What are its weaknesses? Is there anyone causing toxicity that may need to move on?


Is your current culture supporting your highest values or making it more difficult to achieve them?


What are some manageable steps you can take to create a healthy business culture that propels you toward your mission and helps you to stay true to your brand?


Who can help you to implement these steps? You may want to communicate these steps to a select few within the business after discussing what you are sensing.


That’s it for today!


Tomorrow we’ll finish up with a strategy that helps bring together all we’ve been discussing.

You're Doing Great! Tomorrow, we will talk about,
"Bringing It All Together." So, make sure to check your inbox.

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